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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 6 - A Toughie!

Day 6 asks for 20 of your favorite things. I'm not going to go with the obvious "my kids, my husband, etc..." because I think that those are kind of a given. Instead I'm going to go with obscure things that you wouldn't think of, but make like just a little sweeter. I recently read an article about a guy who has a gratitude blog. Every day, he posts about one thing he is grateful for. These things can be big or small, but they are a little piece of what makes life great. So, I guess that's my inspiration for these choices:

1. My Emu Slippers I got for Christmas last year.

2. My dishwasher. I spent 2 months without it, and I could hug it every day.

3. Spin Brush toothbrushes. They just clean so much better than manual.

4. The northern lights. They are amazing where I live.

5. An email from a friend.

6. A really good hair conditioner.

7. Looking at pictures of when my kids were babies to now.

8. A good movie, a tasty snack and a cozy blankie.

9. Chocolate bars.

10. Going to Las Vegas with my husband for vacation.

11. Laughing until it hurts.

12. The sound of my kids singing, especially when the words are wrong.

13. Popcorn and m&m's - seriously, if you haven't tried this together, you really need to!

14. Season premiers of my favorite shows!

15. A cool fall day with the sun shining enough to keep you warm.

16. Waking up feeling refreshed (hasn't happened in a while, but I remember the feeling).

17. Not only going on a trip, but all of the planning involved (Internet research, buying the ticket, checking and rechecking for lower prices - I'm a little anal that way!).

18. The noise in my house during the day, and the quiet in my house in the evening.

19. Reading a really inspirational story.

20. Deciding to dedicate more time to my blogs, and meeting my goals.

So, there are some of my favorite things, I probably could go on and on, but if you've made it this far in my post, kudos to you!


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