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Friday, February 25, 2011

Feel Good Friday

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I haven't done Feel Good Friday for quite some time, but I'm feelin' pretty darn good this Friday!

I did something I have always wanted to do, but was too scared to.  I started my own home business.  I am now an Arbonne Independent Consultant.  This is a company I really believe in and I love their products so much that I'm willing to spend my time and money giving people the opportunity to love them as much as I do, and encourage them that they too can make a living for themselves!!

I am feeling pretty good today because I am proud of myself for taking this step.  My story is here on the first page.  I have felt more energy this week than I have in a long time.  Not only am I challenging myself with new things, I am finding that I have more energy during the day for my kids.  It's a win-win!  Happy Mommy = happy kids! Ha!

I'm finding that because I've always worked in an industry where the customer always comes to me, this is a real challenge in changing my marketing strategies.  I'm learning a new way to do business, and I'm soaking up all of this information.  This business has real potential for me to make some real money and give me real personal/professional satisfaction, and I'm so pumped!!

But mostly, I'm having a Feel Good Friday because I did something I never thought I'd have the courage to do.  That is big for me!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My New Adventure!

I'm so excited to announce that I am now officially an independent Arbonne consultant!!  I love these products so much, and love the fact that they are actually "healthy" products, no animal testing, no using animal products or by-products, almost all of the products contain no parabens, the list goes on and on.

And, these products are amazing!  I used the kids line for both of my kids, who had horrible spots of eczema when they were babies - the lotion cleared it right up.  After trying everything, this stuff worked!  I revisited the products when my hubby was having some really bad skin problems a while ago.  He tried a sample of the face cream, and right after using it, the redness went away, and he said, "Claire, I can't believe I'm beautiful again!!!!"  I had to laugh, but he has tried every face cream out there, as well as prescription creams that I knew were so bad for his skin.  I have to add that the hand cream is divine - mmmmmm, smells amazing and absolutely no grease!  A-mazing!

Anyway, being a stay at home Mom, and being used to working, I was getting antsy.  When this opportunity presented itself, I jumped - partially because I look so forward to working again, but mostly because I love and believe in this product so much!! 

I am officially starting my new business this week!  I'm hoping people love this product as much as I do!

Check out my new website and have a look at the different products - there's something for everyone!  If you have any questions, please leave me a comment here, or email me from my website!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm so excited!!

I have something really big for me on the go and I'm so excited!!!  I've decided that along with being a wife and Mom, I need to step outside the box a little.  (No, I'm not running away to join the circus or anything!)

I am waiting until I get a little further ahead in my plan, and a little more prepared, but I should be unveiling the big news next week sometime. 

My mind has been going a million miles a minute with plans and strategies and ideas...I've never done something like this before, and I really believe I can be good at this....

So excited!!!

Stay tuned.....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hope you're having a wonderful love day - love for your spouse, love for your kids, love for anything - heck, even love for that big piece of chocolate sitting between you and the remote control!!  (That would be me I'm talking about - hubby is on the other couch on his laptop).  We had a nice dinner (roast and french fries - we are all about the classy food for special occasions!), some chocolate fun, and even a cake that we decorated today - there's always a reason for cake!

So, in honor of this "jour de l'amour", I have the official valentine's day quiz extraordinaire!!  (Not really, but play along anyway!)

1.  What would your ideal gift be from your lovie?

 My ideal gift would be a day without any work around the house.  Sleeping in, having breakfast made for me (and I wouldn't care how messy the kitchen got because he would do the dishes), an afternoon to go out shopping, or play on the net, or do some writing or whatever I wanted.  Supper made for me, again no clean up required on my part, and nice long bath, a great chick flick movie, and then off to bed in freshly laundered sheets and duvet.  Sigh....oh, and the biggest part of the day would be not having to deal with screaming kids! 

2.  They say that when you're really in love, you'd give your life for that person.  But, would you give your last chocolate (or whatever you have a hard time giving away)?

My last piece of chocolate?  No way.  And, he knows it.  He doesn't ask for it any more.

3.  What is one thing you would change about your love?

I wish he could dance.  I don't mean, get on the dance floor and get down to Beyonce or Cee Lo - I mean really dance with class, waltzing, two step, wedding dance kind of dance.  My hubby has no rhythm.  He thinks he does.  He also thinks he can sing.  In fact, the other day, he was telling me he can sing as good as Elvis.  riiiiiight....

4.  What is one thing you would never change?

I would never change the way he is devoted to his family.  He loves his kids like no other Daddy, and would do anything for all of us.  His heart is only for his family, and I will probably never know how lucky I am to have someone's heart like that.

5.  What is a funny quirk he/she has?

He makes up words.  And he thinks they are real, or they should be real.  For example:

Bandwaggoneer - not just a bandwaggoner, this person is the leader of people jumping on the band wagon.

Suffercate - this word makes total sense to him - when you suffocate, you definitely suffer.

Now - your turn.  Share.  3-2-1 Go!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Appliance Queen

Oh, how I love new appliances!!  It's a rush every time I order a new small appliance for my kitchen (or other gadgets for around the house!).  No, I'm not addicted to shopping, in fact I detest shopping.  So much so, that I won't go to Vegas with certain friends because all they want to do is shop.  Not my idea of fun.

Back to my appliances.

Where we live, it's very difficult to do any shopping.  We have to order pretty much everything over the internet.  Suits me fine - I'd rather be shopping in my jammies anyway!  One of my favorite purchases has been my bread maker.  I heart this bread maker - it even makes jam, would you believe?  Well, believe it, it's true!

photo courtesy google images

I've had my bread maker for a little over a year, and use it at least every other day.

My latest purchases have been a waffle maker and a toaster.  I really like my new Cuisinart toaster, but I looooooove my new Belgium waffle maker!  Love, love, love.

photo courtesy of google images

I think one of the reasons I love this waffle maker so much is the fantastic recipe I found to make the waffles.  It is a little complex, uses yeast, and is best if left overnight.  So, the plan is that I will make this waffle dough (it really is a dough - not runny at all!) on Saturday night, and we have yummo waffles every Sunday morning.  Doesn't take much to make this prairie girl happy!