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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some Blogger I Am

Well, I started up this new fandangled blog, just to blow it off after only 20-some posts. I have to admit, I've been cheating on my blog.
Cheating with all of the nice weather we've had, cheating with my kids in the back yard, cheating taking drives with the kids looking for wildlife...
And we've been having a great time!
I'm loving finally having a vehicle (I didn't have one for the first 8 or so months that we've been here), the freedom to just take off and go exploring is awesome! For those of you who don't know, we moved up to the Northwest Territories, Canada last August for my husband's work. It is way north, in fact less than 100 km south of the Arctic Circle. The weather has been awesome this summer so far, but the winters can get really ugly - one of the perks of staying at home with the kids here is that I can actually stay home if I want!!
We love going to the dump. I know that makes us sound really redneck (and in many ways I will admit we are), but the dump is a huge source of entertainment here. We go bear watching, people watching (it's amazing how interesting it is to watch people "shop" at the dump) and bird watching. I swear our ravens are as big as large dogs.
Okay, not that big, but still.
It certainly is a different world up here, I have become someone who went from panicked type "A" to not really watching the clock to make sure we get some where on time. I hate people like me. How inconsiderate! I fear I'm getting lazy in my new found freedom-from-time-and-responsibility, but the trade off is hanging out with the kids all day, doing whatever we want.
What the hell am I going to do when my daughter starts school and I have to actually set an alarm clock? Does carpooling work if only the other Mom drives? Yep, getting lazy.
Anyhow, I am recommitting to my blog, hoping to share some more pics of the beauty that is the NWT and hoping to get back to writing.
A girl can dream, right?