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Saturday, February 27, 2010

International Retail Customer

Okay, let's call this what it really is - closet internet shopping junkie. First of all, I don't spend all day online, ordering crap I don't need like I'm in front of the home shopping channel (although they do have some really great stuff that I just know would make my life better...). We live in a very remote place, where the shopping is somewhat limited. Okay, it's limited to a $15 dollar jug of milk and a $9 frozen cake. Oh, and I think they sell socks. Anyway.

In order to get the regular, everyday things I need for my family, I order them online (the things, not my family). I have mixed feelings about shopping online. I like to see and touch what I'm buying (especially clothes and shoes), but on the other hand, it's like having a thousand stores right in front of your little nose to choose from. Fun times!

I have had pretty good luck ordering online, but have gotten stung by one company in West Virginia that is really pissing me off right now. Keep in mind that this is a great website for kids that sells sports merchandise and looks very professional. You'd never tell from their colorful and fun website that they are a bunch of parasitical ripoff artists. I ordered curtains (hard to find, very specific curtains) for my son's room, and they charged my credit card right away. I waited, and waited and waited some more. In fact, I waited so long that the 120 day chargeback policy on my credit card went by and I screwed myself into losing my money, never to see the curtains. I am a pretty civil person, can have a heated discussion every now and again, but always come out of it respectful of the other person. I have worked in retail, so I know how important it is to keep your cool in business. But this is different.

I decided that I was pissed. I sent them a scathing email telling them I know they've ripped me off and a few other choice words. Then, I went to the BBB and lodged a complaint against them. This is where I found that they have an "F" rating there and that there are 80 complaints against them right now. Shit. Shoulda checked that out before I ordered them. So, lesson learned, and I do feel much better lodging the complaint against them. I don't jolt out of being half asleep at night and seethe anymore.

By the way, that BBB site is awesome, you can find out the rating for any business or charity - pretty cool.

So, I'm going to kiss my $40 goodbye. Actually it's not the $40 I'm so upset at, it's the fact that I looked for these curtains for 2 months and finally found someone who would ship to Canada. I guess if it seems to good to be true...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Five Question Friday

My Little Life

EDIT: I should add that this nifty little button at the top of this post belongs to Mama M., a blog I recently started to follow. I love finding blogs that I enjoy reading, and this is definitely one of them! 5QF comes from her blog, and I'm happy to take part in this, my very first contribution...

This is my first 5QF, so here goes...

1. Do you sing karaoke? If so, what is your go to song? Not so much anymore, but when I was in university, my sister worked at a karaoke bar. 'Nuff said. My go to song was pretty much anything by Elton John. What does that say about me?

2. What is your favorite coffee drink? My very fav is just coffee with cream, good strong coffee with cream. That or just a regular espresso.

3. If you could choose your own name, what would it be? Seeing as how Princess Consuela Bananahammock was taken by Pheobe on Friends, I would have to say Kate. I love the name Kate for some reason.

4. Were you ever bullied? Yep, by an older boy who punched me in elementary school. I'm not saying I didn't deserve it (I don't remember the circumstances) and it wouldn't have been the first time my mouth got me into trouble, but he really was a bully to everyone.

5. How often do you eat fast food? We live in a place that has 3 restaurants, and all of the food sucks, so I haven't eaten out in about 7 months. And yes, I had fast food the day before we got here. Having been forced to give it up, I have to say that I really don't crave it at all - I only crave a good meal in a nice restaurant.

Motherhood makes me cry

Well, not motherhood itself, but ever since I've had kids, I've turned into a big mushy mess. During pregnancy, of course, the hormones were flying. I would cry if I burnt my toast or missed one of my favorite shows. I thought that I would get back to normal once I had the baby. Wrong.

Let me preface this with "I'm not a crier". I'm not. I am the one in the family who is pretty together when it comes to emotions. But now I have to say I'm a crier. Well, a closet crier. I prefer to do my crying away from people and in front of commercials or silly chick flicks. The big one lately to bring tears to my eyes is this one:

I discovered this commercial when I found my 3 year old sitting on the couch sobbing her little heart out watching it. I guess she gets her emotional strength from her Mama.

I cry at one of my favorite movies, Armageddon. (Okay, don't laugh too loud, I like cheesy movies). You know, the part where Liv Tyler has her hands on the computer screen, saying goodbye to her dad (Bruce Willis). "No, Dad, don't go, Dad, no...". Ugh, I have tears in my eyes now...

And don't get me started on Steel Magnolias, The Sex and The City Movie where Carrie gets stood up by Big (really, sick, I know), even tv shows like Intervention and The Biggest Loser. I'm as tough and strong as the next gal, don't get me wrong, but I just fall apart when it comes to what I would have, prebaby, called "cheese".

I refuse to watch certain movies with my husband because I know at certain parts he'll do the lean and look. You know, where he slowly leans over and looks to see if I'm crying, and if so, he teases me. This is not the woman he married 13 years ago. I think he's having fun with it.

Just so you know, I draw the line at Titanic.

I'm a chocolate whore

It's true. I have to have chocolate. I love chocolate so much that I know as fact that a Toblerone bar has 12 peaks on it. I would eat any kind of chocolate bar, plain ones, ones with nuts, caramel filled ones, even ones with fruit (yes, I get that desperate). And I'm a little disappointed in myself.

After I had my second baby, the weight seemed to melt off (please don't hate me, I've never been that "skinny girl". Ever.) Six months after I had him I was below my prepregnancy weight. I was thrilled, and it got me to thinking that maybe if I had another few kids, I could be a Victoria Secret model. Or not. Anyway, having enjoyed being the thinnest I've been in my life, we moved far away from family. (Not because I lost the weight, it's a story for another time). Everyone was sad, and eager to send us "care packages", because as they thought, you couldn't buy a pack of gum this far north in the world. (That's not true, you can buy gum, and a mccain's frozen cake or two if you want).

These care packages contained stickers and books and toys for the kids, and chocolate for me. Why would everyone send me chocolate, do they want me to gain weight? Do they expect me to eat every single one so I don't feel bad?? Oh wait, I asked them to send it...right. So, seeing as how I don't own a scale, I'm not sure how much I've gained back (my guess is less than 10 lbs.), but damn it, stop sending chocolate.

I think they think this isolation has done something to my personality. I really didn't mean to bark at them over the phone, but they really haven't seen my hips lately, and being my family, I know they would understand. And now with going on a hot holiday in 2 1/2 weeks, I'm hoping that my shred DVD will work for me by just sitting in the DVD player. Or I need to find a really good bathing suit.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At this point in my life...

At this point in my life:

I was born into a wonderful, loving family with an older sister and a younger brother.

I had a great childhood, with a lot of different experiences.

I graduated high school, attended and dropped out of university, and attended and graduated from trade school with 2 degrees.

I re-met (a story for another time), and fell in love with my future husband.

I struggled with, and conquered infertility, being blessed with 2 of the most wonderful miracles I could have ever imagined.

I stood by my husband as his job took us 2000 miles from our families, friends and home.

I transitioned from working Mom into a stay at home Mom, something that wasn't (and sometimes still isn't) easy.

I try to learn from my mistakes, strive to become a better wife and Mom, and try to not be to hard on myself for my shortcomings.

At this point in my life, I'm happy with who and where I am, adjusting to a new place, and looking forward to the rest of life's adventures!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Please get Betty!!

I am a someofthetime fan of Saturday Night Live. I will watch the show these days if the host is someone I really like. That's about it. I find that most of the time it's draggy, not funny and a little painful at times (although I still love watching the Weekend Update almost all of the time). When the show was really good (with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, et al) I watched religiously. I still have inside jokes with my sister featuring skits or sayings from these old shows. (Okay, I'm a geek, but I hear that geek is the new cool). Anyway, there seems to be quite a campaign to get Betty White on as host of SNL. I am so excited about this! She is such a great lady, soooo funny and such an icon of our times.

There are facebook groups, mass emails and petitions to get this to happen, and apparently they are really close to getting her on.

This would be an episode I would not miss!! How about you? Who would you love to see host SNL?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiger Who?

Tiger Woods has been dominating the news lately, with the revelations of his infidelities coming to light. Now, I like to read People magazine as much as the next gal (but not Star, or the Enquirer!) so I get that people are interested in the lives of celebrities. He made his public apology the other day (which, if I were to offer an opinion, Tiger, stop reading how sorry you are and just tell the camera). I know for PR, he needed to do this, but really, why do I or anyone who doesn't know him need an apology?

Anyway, in this loooong apology, he mentions he has strayed away from the Buddhist teachings of his youth. Fine and fair. Now the media is reporting that the Dahai Lama doesn't even know who Tiger Woods is. Really? Well that discredits Tiger even more, don'tya think? I mean, I am Catholic and the Pope and I have Saturday tea every week! Come on media, what the heck does it really matter that he hasn't heard of him. So he's not a golf fan - move on.

And speaking of golf, it is the opinion of our household that Tiger just get his shit together and start golfing again. I've turned to PGA events over the last little while, and have given them about 3 1/2 minutes of my attention. I just can't do it. It's not any fun to watch without Tiger. Well, except for maybe watching for John Daly to pee in a bush somewhere, but I digress.

So, for now, I'll keep turning to those golf tournaments in the hopes of seeing that ginormous talent with the Nike logos all over the place. Maybe I'm being selfish, but your personal affairs aren't any of our business, and we miss you. A lot.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello From the Wells!

I started a new blog, apart from my family one, as I was finding that I was having to censor myself when I was writing, and I didn't like that. There are only certain things you can say when your Great Aunt Mildred is reading, and the post before it was about cupcakes or potty training. So.

I am a SAHM to 2 wonderful kids, fairly new to the Great White North in Canada, and finding that there isn't near as much to do here as there was back home. I'm finding the time I'm spending on the computer is in reading interesting blogs or forums, something, anything that stimulates my brain past Treehouse and Playhouse Disney.

If you're reading this, welcome to my new blog!