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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At this point in my life...

At this point in my life:

I was born into a wonderful, loving family with an older sister and a younger brother.

I had a great childhood, with a lot of different experiences.

I graduated high school, attended and dropped out of university, and attended and graduated from trade school with 2 degrees.

I re-met (a story for another time), and fell in love with my future husband.

I struggled with, and conquered infertility, being blessed with 2 of the most wonderful miracles I could have ever imagined.

I stood by my husband as his job took us 2000 miles from our families, friends and home.

I transitioned from working Mom into a stay at home Mom, something that wasn't (and sometimes still isn't) easy.

I try to learn from my mistakes, strive to become a better wife and Mom, and try to not be to hard on myself for my shortcomings.

At this point in my life, I'm happy with who and where I am, adjusting to a new place, and looking forward to the rest of life's adventures!

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