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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello From the Wells!

I started a new blog, apart from my family one, as I was finding that I was having to censor myself when I was writing, and I didn't like that. There are only certain things you can say when your Great Aunt Mildred is reading, and the post before it was about cupcakes or potty training. So.

I am a SAHM to 2 wonderful kids, fairly new to the Great White North in Canada, and finding that there isn't near as much to do here as there was back home. I'm finding the time I'm spending on the computer is in reading interesting blogs or forums, something, anything that stimulates my brain past Treehouse and Playhouse Disney.

If you're reading this, welcome to my new blog!


Cola said...

Great job, Claire! Congrats on your new "outlet"!!!

Alice said...


I found your new blog through MckMama community. Welcome to the blogging community.

I also blog...use it to keep in touch with many as we travel and work full time in our motor home. Check out my blog if you so

I look forward getting to know you and reading about your life. You mentioned you have a family blog..would love to catch up with you there too...what is the address?