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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiger Who?

Tiger Woods has been dominating the news lately, with the revelations of his infidelities coming to light. Now, I like to read People magazine as much as the next gal (but not Star, or the Enquirer!) so I get that people are interested in the lives of celebrities. He made his public apology the other day (which, if I were to offer an opinion, Tiger, stop reading how sorry you are and just tell the camera). I know for PR, he needed to do this, but really, why do I or anyone who doesn't know him need an apology?

Anyway, in this loooong apology, he mentions he has strayed away from the Buddhist teachings of his youth. Fine and fair. Now the media is reporting that the Dahai Lama doesn't even know who Tiger Woods is. Really? Well that discredits Tiger even more, don'tya think? I mean, I am Catholic and the Pope and I have Saturday tea every week! Come on media, what the heck does it really matter that he hasn't heard of him. So he's not a golf fan - move on.

And speaking of golf, it is the opinion of our household that Tiger just get his shit together and start golfing again. I've turned to PGA events over the last little while, and have given them about 3 1/2 minutes of my attention. I just can't do it. It's not any fun to watch without Tiger. Well, except for maybe watching for John Daly to pee in a bush somewhere, but I digress.

So, for now, I'll keep turning to those golf tournaments in the hopes of seeing that ginormous talent with the Nike logos all over the place. Maybe I'm being selfish, but your personal affairs aren't any of our business, and we miss you. A lot.

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