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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And Now the Good Stuff....

Okay, how much of a downer was I last night?  Man, I can barely stand to listen to myself whine....

Anyhoosey, here is a list of awesome things going on right now....

- I get to fly home with the kids on Friday (it's Friday, Friday...haven't heard the song???  Youtube it!  Don't hate me!). 

- I get to see my Mom and Dad and sister on Saturday - so happy to be going home to see them!  Not that I'm not happy to see my inlaws, I just have a better time there when my hubby is with us - both of them work and it's not quite as labor intensive with the kids when he's there.

- I do have the most awesome kids - my son is a laugh a minute, and I think my daughter is going to be the most eccentric little gal around - she loves weird music and clothes - remind me of this when she goes goth...

- It's really, really trying to be spring out there - I'll give Mother Nature a break, as we live so far north, but she's got a month to get rid of the snow and start shining that hot sun!

- My Arbonne business is taking off, and I have the best clients a girl can ask for.  I'm so appreciative of all of the positive feedback I'm getting, it kind of makes my heart glow! :)

- My house is a mess, but I don't care right now! I'm hanging out with my girl watching Uncle Buck - great for some laughs!

Have a great day! :)

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