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Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 22 and 23

These two days call for a website and a youtube video.  Could I just cheat and use youtube as my website? No? Okay, here is another great website:

I know what you're thinking, everybody knows about that site.  The reason I'm posting that site is I have a big beef about my wiki addiction.  I will admit I go to wiki everytime I want to know something about anything (mostly who died today - so the morbid side of me, and mostly about a tv show or movie I'm watching).  Anyway, I jump to this site for the written in stone, God's honest truth about absolutely factual information about everything in the world.  I had heard the rumors about information being false on this site, and I refused to believe that my "go-to" had flaws. 

That is until Jack Nicholson died.

Or so it said.

As I was viewing the obits one morning on wiki, I was shocked to see Jack Nicholson was dead.  The actor, not the golfer.  (Hubby always gets them mixed up).  A few minutes later, his name was taken off of the dead list, apparently giving him a second chance on this earth. 

Apparently, anyone can go on wikipedia and enter information about anyone or anything.  It is only taken off if it's discovered to be false.  So, information on pages that are widely visited are probably pretty acurate, as I would think false info would be reported by the readers.  However, if I wanted to know something about, let's say, the long-horned beetle, the information could very well be wrong and no one would know (or, let's face it, even care).  I still have a love for this site, and while everyone mocks it, I still use it with a little more than a grain of salt.

And now for a youtube video:

This is the best video I've seen in a long time, it was between this and a dancing dog, and hopefully you haven't seen this because I think it's freakin' hilarious!  Maybe you should get your substance of choice out first, because I can't figure out if I have a really stupid, twisted sense of humor, but both my hubby and I laughed so hard at this:

So, there you have it, hopefully that was your laugh for the weekend!

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian people!


RN Mama said...

Do you know that my jaw hit the floor when you said Jack Nicholson died? I was like What The??!! How could I not know?!

So glad it's not true.

P.S. My husband love the Double Rainbow video, but I could barely even make it through the first 30 seconds!

Claire said...

Yeah, that's how I felt when I saw Jack bit the dust too! I, too, and glad he is still with us! lol

Yep, the rainbow is a little more than symbolic, I think! ha that guy was hysterical! Have a glass of wine, then let me know what you think! ha