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Friday, October 1, 2010

Award Winning!

I was given an award!!  Seeing as how I have, like, 2.3 people visit my blog every day, this is huge! lol

I'd love to thank Sweet Pea for this lovely award!  I think her blog is pretty fabulous, and she is a pretty fabulous gal!   Here's how the award works:

- Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award
- List 7 things no one knows about you
- Send the award off to 7 bloggers who you think are fabulous!

Here are my 7 things:

1.  I went to university for 3 years to become a teacher, but never finished, and ended up getting my 4 year optician/contact lens licenses.

2.  I won $2000 playing bingo a few months ago - the first time ever at the bingo!

3.  I am anal about paying off my bills - I pay them even before the bill comes sometimes.

4.  I was sad to move our family away from the rest of our families last year, but secretly I'm liking being away from the drama sometimes.

5.  I find online arguments on blogs and message boards highly entertaining.

6.  I love my Honda Civic that was left behind 2000 kms away at my in laws house.  When we go on vacation (ie: back home) I am so happy to see it, it almost brings me to tears.

7.  I am amazed that I am still alive after some of the crap I pulled as a teenager.  Funny how driving at 14 because all of your friends were drunk seemed like a swell idea at the time.

So, although not riveting, there you have it - 7 things you didn't know about me!

Thanks again to Sweet Pea for the award!  I am sending this award to:

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Tami at 29 and Holding

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Kelly said...

Wow, thank you so very much for this award :) I miss my Honda CRV too :(

RN Mama said...

Thank you so much!! I have to admit, I suck at accepting awards on my blog, so hopefully I will remember to repost this:)

I had to laugh about you saying you love online arguments! I do too! This is really offensive, so be husband says "Arguing online is like the special olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded." I told you it was offensive, but somewhat funny too!

Claire said...

That is too funny Tami, and too true!!