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Sunday, October 17, 2010

And What About My Week...

I've taken a little time off of this challenge because we have just gone the 2000km home.  And, day 26 gives me a chance to tell you about our busy, busy week!!

So, we live in the Northwest Territories, Canada, but are originally from Saskatchewan, Canada.  Where??? you say?  Well, my hometown is about 2 hours north of the Canada/U.S. border at Montana.  So, I have been busy packing myself and our 2 kids to fly home for a month and a half.  Hubby has to stay and work for another 2 weeks, but because he's going to be out of town for most of the 2 weeks, we figured we'd go early.

Anyway, my week consisted of packing, cleaning the house, and trying not to forget anything.  I spent a few days cleaning the house pretty good, and am just hoping that with the hubster being there by himself in and out for a couple of weeks, it stays that way!  We took the first flight to Yellowknife, then another flight to Edmonton, and finally the last flight to Regina.  Travelling with a 2 and a 4 year old is trying, but thank goodness we can get there all in one day. 

We arrived at about 10 at night, and are now settling in, and getting ready to take the kids to a Wiggles concert.  I'm almost ashamed to say I'm probably more excited than the kids, but only because I can't wait to see their faces at the concert.  Should be a good time.

Hopefully I can finish this challenge within the next few days, being on holidays keeps me off the computer, but I will be on every now and again. 


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Sweet Pea said...

Claire ?! Are you out there ? It has been about 5 weeks since you posted last ! Miss you : )