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Thursday, April 15, 2010

What holiday??

Okay, so, without sounding ungrateful for a whole month off (actually a 5 weeks), to say the "vacation" we took home really wasn't that much of a holiday. We moved way up north last August, and this was the first time we went home. We were excited, needing a break, and wanting to see friends and family.

Well, the first week or so was great, spent by Dan and I in the Bahamas, although the weather could have been much better, it beat the extreme cold of the north. When we got home, we went to his parent's for a few days, then to his sister's for a few days, back to the parent's for a few days, I went to visit my sister for a few days, and then to my parent's for a little more than a week. After that it was back to his parent's to stay overnight before catching our flight out, over night in Edmonton and then home. I packed and unpacked suitcases 8 times, and we changed beds 8 times over the course of the month. Add to that our days were filled with visiting friends and family (my Mom had 35 of our closest relatives for Easter dinner), running to doctor and dentist appointments, and all of the shopping we had to do for supplies that we can't get here or are much too expensive.

Again, not to complain, but we really needed to get home so we could have a rest. I think when we go home again, we will do it differently - we'll spend 2 weeks at each of our parent's houses and if people want to see us, they can come to where we are. Bottom line. There were people we didn't get a chance to see, but we did what we could do.

Whew. I'm tired just reading this over. Who calls it a holiday anyway? Now, I'm off to relax and do laundry (yes, that is what I call relaxing these days!!)

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