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Friday, April 16, 2010

Death, Taxes and Crumbs

There are a few things are inevitable in life. Some are great and wonderful, some suck rocks. (There's a phrase I haven't used since I was 8) Anyhow, obviously death sucks. I mean, to the point that I find myself thinking about it so much sometimes that my palms start to sweat. Don't think I'm not normal or anything, this really has only started since I had kids, and hate the thought of leaving them alone in this world. Okay, that's enough on death, my keyboard is getting wet...

And then there is taxes. While having someone take a large percentage of money right off the top of your paycheck sucks, and I don't trust most politicians as far as I can throw them overboard, I do believe they are a necessary evil. Here in Canada, we have a wonderful quality of life. Education, health care, infrastructure, I could go on and on. These services are provided by our (sometimes) decent government through the taxes we pay. And let me tell you, most years I love tax time (we usually get a refund), I just hate having to get them done. That's the lazy person in me coming out.

Finally, there are crumbs. One of my biggest pet peeves is walking barefoot on a crumby floor. And believe me, with a 2 year old and a 3 year old running the show around here, there are a ton of crumbs. Just their presence (the crumbs, not the kids) has amped up my OCD when it comes to cleaning my floors. It's gotten so bad, that when I enter the kitchen, I instinctively reach for the broom. Now that we are living in a townhouse (provided by hubby's work) without central vac (oh how I miss my central vac), I can no longer whip the vacuum around the floors a few times a day like I used to. Oh, how I hate, hate, hate crumby floors!!

But, it's not like they'll be the death of me - and even if they are, at least I won't have to pay taxes.

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