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Friday, July 1, 2011


Happy Canada Day everyone!!  And yes, even if you're not Canadian, we are so darn hospitable and welcoming (and apparently not self centered in the least) , that we'll let you celebrate right along with us!!!

So, in honor of the birthday of this awesome country, here is a list of why I love Canada:

10.  We drink Vico, not chocolate milk (maybe just one for the prairies)

9.  We wear bunny hugs, not hoodies (pretty sure another one for the prairies)

8.  We can drive for miles and miles without seeing a town or city.

7.  We can step out in -40 C and declare that it's "refreshing".

6.  We do say "eh" and are proud of being able to be recognized right away as a Canadian because of it.

5.  Tim Horton's.  Enough said.

4.  Hockey.  And, the CFL - the best football league in the world - heck for that matter, the Riders aren't only the pride of Saskatchewan, they are the pride of the whole darn country!!

3.  Proudly being able to wear my flag in foreign countries.

2.  We have 4 distinct seasons, and they all show themselves with a vengeance.

1.  There is so much patriotic love for our country, sometimes just hearing a crowd sing our national anthem brings tears to my eyes.

So, Happy Canada Day my friends, and to our friends to the south, Happy Independence Day on Monday, have a wonderful, country-loving weekend!!!


slimmer sally said...

visiting a tim horton's is on my bucket list.

S.I.F. said...

I figure I'm allowed to celebrate solely because Alaska practically IS Canada... right?!? ;)

Claire said...

Yes, my friend, you can consider yourself Canadian!!

ChildTalk said...

Happy Canada Day....From America. :)

And hey, I learned quite a few things from this post about Canada. Not bad for an American, eh? (See I can be Canadian!)

SO glad you found my last post helpful.


Claire said...

I totally wouldn't be able to tell you weren't Canadian! Too funny Becca!!