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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The State of My World

The Good:

My new Arbonne venture is going great - I am still so excited about this!!  I love it when people love this stuff - it confirms to me why I love doing this!

My kids are hilarious!  I just love to laugh at them and the silly things they do - they crack me up and I'm so amazed to see they have the senses of humor that they do at this young age!

We are less than a month away from heading back down south to see the fam dam.  I'd better get a move on with all of the stuff I want to get done before we leave!

We have some exciting news  - I can't share yet, but hopefully soon - I am a horrible secret keeper!

I am 6 weeks and a day smoke free!  I'm doing awesome with my quit, but am a little nervous to go "home" and be quit.  I know I can do it, it's just that sometimes family gets my bp up, and my cravings kick in.

I'm getting more blogging in, which makes me happy, and I have a few new followers, which is awesome!  Love to see comments and love to check out everyone else's blogs as well!  Welcome!!

The bad:

My heart hurts for a few people tonight - not to get into specifics, but it's hard to see people hurting when you know you can't do anything for them. 

I need to organize my house AKA: dejunk!!  I am lacking a little motivation, hopefully that will come to me.

It's still bloody cold here.  -40 C (that's -40 F for my American friends as well!) is getting really old.  And when the weather does turn nicer, the wind picks up, jacking up the wind chill.  Yeesh - I wish spring would come already!!

That's about it for now, how has your week been?  Happy weekend everyone!


Sweet Pea said...

Got an Arbonne question for you ...Do you have the nutritional infomation for the Vitamen/Mineral Shake Chocolate ?

Congrats on being smoke-free girl ! I am so PROUD of you, it is a huge accomplishment, have you noticed any differences yet ?

-40 is just wrong ! I hate it when it is 10*

Yes I Blog said...

New Follower!!!!

Congrats on quitting smoking. Such a tough habit to break, so I hear! :-) Keep it up. You'll do great and maybe be a great example to others in your family who may need to quit that or something else while you are there!!

Claire said...

I'll post this here for you as well
Sweet Pea!

Here is the information on the protein shake - I'll post it both here and on my blog for you - apparently the chocolate is awesome (I haven't tried it, my friend has and she loves in a simple smoothie - vanilla, banana - whatever you want to add - or just plain with milk or water), and I know for a fact that the vanilla is so yummy - it actually gives me my sweet fix!

Here is the link for the nutritional info:

The first link is for the chocolate and the second is for the vanilla!

Sweet Pea said...

Thank you so much for posting the link, I will contact you about ordering soon.

Claire said...

Hi Yes I Blog! Thanks for joining! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for the encouragement, quitting is pretty hard, but totally worth it!

Sweet Pea said...

Hey Claire! Yes, I will email you : )

S.I.F. said...

I'm excited to become one of your new customers lady!

And holy crap that's cold!

Claire said...

SIF, I'm excited for you (and me! ha)!! Yep, that's cold - I guess it makes the northern lights better!