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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bullet Points

Hopefully that title isn't going to make some total left wing nut think I'm trying to insight hatred...

I digress.

- My daughter called my hubby a "meaniac" because he scared her on purpose the other day.  Love that she created a new word.  She's 4.  I'm calling Websters.  And maybe Guinness.

- I have a cut UNDER my fingernail.  It hurts a lot.  And I can't get it to heal because of all of this handwashing I'm doing to try and stay alive this winter (or at least a little healthy).

- I have a gajillion programs PVR'd that I haven't watched.  I refuse to delete anything - I'll get to it...

- This winter has been so cold and indoorsy- I literally sat here and though if there was actually a way I could climb the walls.  It looked like fun.  Couldn't do it.

- We are buying a treadmill.  Hopefully soon.  And, hopefully we'll be more motivated to get on it and use it than we are about ordering it.  Living up north sucks for having stuff shipped to you.  Nobody will ship the heavy stuff - too costly.

- I am sick and tired of the foxes stealing dirty diapers off of my front porch and leaving them on my driveway.  I realize this makes me sound like the trashiest of the trailer park, but I keep them in a plastic bag, frozen on the porch so I can take them across the street to the bin at night.  Damn foxes.

- I really like that the sun isn't going down before 4pm - and I really like that I can finally see the sun over the roofs of the houses across the street.  For a couple of months, we don't directly see the sun, it's hidden by buildings.  Gettin' out the SPF.

- I should have made my New Year's resolution to go to bed early every night.  Takes away from my "me" time, so midnight or later is usually the norm. 

On that note, I'm going to bed!

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