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Friday, June 3, 2011

Top 10 of The Week

So here are the top 10 biggies of the week (it was a pretty slow week, so hopefully I can come up with 10 - maybe 5 good, 5 bad....we'll have to see...)


10.  Snow in June.  That's all I'll say about that.

9.  This daylight-until-one-in-the-morning thing is really screwing with my clock.  It sucks when you're sitting there watching tv at night, and realize it's 1 am, and you aren't even tired yet.  And it's still bright out.

8.  There is a vole living under my shed.  So thankful that I didn't meet him until a week before we move.

7.  The guy that was appointed to us to help us with our move through my husband's work is a total moron.  Ummm, return a call much???

6.  I'm starting to realize I'll miss living here, but mostly miss the people.  We have been pretty much shut in for the last 2 years (except for summer, which lasts 4 months out of the year - the rest is winter - only 2 seasons) and I so won't miss that!

5.  We sold our vehicle, so we don't have to pay $1200 to barge it to our new post (there are no roads to drive out of here in the summer)

4.  I'm eating licorice nibs as I type this.  Yum.

3.  My 4 year old requested Gwen Stefani videos before bed tonight.   With a side of Katy Perry.  4 years old.  Awesome.

2.  We're having take out Chinese tomorrow night.  Not a big deal, right?  For me it is.  A.  I don't have to cook.  B.  There is one place to order out from here (actually there is 2 but I don't feel like ordering food poisoning, so I'll pass on the second).  C.  I cook every. single. night. therefore, refer back to A.

1.  The most awesome-est thing happened today!!!  Okay - backstory - we are moving to a place where the cost of living should be illegal, and houses are in the $stupid range.  So, we have decided we need to pick a rental place out of the choices that hubby's work provides.  There are very few houses on that list, and a couple weeks ago, we got a call that we got one of these houses.  HOLY CRAP!!!!  That was so lucky....until they called and said they made a mistake, it had already been promised to someone else. 

So, back to plan A, moving into a row house, with no backyard for the kids, no room for any of our stuff, blah, blah, blah.  When asked what the chances of another house coming up were, we were told to not get our hopes up.  So, we sulked for a few days, and I came to the conclusion that we would be happy no matter where we were living, and maybe something better would come up eventually.

Still with me?  So, hubs is in the new city today on our house hunting trip, and he calls them this morning to make a time to meet them to look at row housing.  Well.  He is informed that a house came up yesterday and our names are on it!!!!  I'm so damn pumped!!!  If it were just me and he, it wouldn't matter, but damn it - I want a yard for the kids - I don't want to deprive them of anything. 

So, with that chills-down-your-spine-hair-stand-up-on-your-arms story, I'll just leave you with....

Have a fantastic weekend friends!!


S.I.F. said...

I was literally just thinking TODAY how pissed I would be if it snowed right now... oh man. So much better you than me! ;)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

To me, your life seems so exciting. I'm imagining where you live is very beautiful. But, I'm guessing after a week when you can't drive anywhere--maybe not.

That daylight all night would be tough for me too. I used to work at nights and sleep during the day. It didn't go so well!

Congrats on your new house!