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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things I Know About Today

It's Sunday (Sunday, gotta get down on Sunday).  Hubby's day off.  The weather is rockin' it out here, so I see some sort of fatigue-inducing fresh air activities for the kids.  As I sit here with my coffee, I'm thinking about what's been going on with us lately.  We were told on Thursday that there was a house available for us to take when we move, and Friday it was given to someone else.  Major bummer.  But, I just keep telling myself that it will all work out in the end, and it doesn't matter where we live, as long as we're happy (I'm really trying to convince myself that living in small row housing is just as good as a nice big house with an attached garage).  Anyhow, I've turned my thoughts to what I know for sure (being type A, I like to have certainties, I don't do well with sitting back and going with the flow).  Here is what I know for sure:

- I didn't get my laundry folded last night because I was engrossed (yet again) in the first Sex In The City movie, just priming myself for part 2, which I haven't seen yet.  I know, I'm still trying to get into 2010.

- I have waffle batter sitting in my fridge waiting to be cooked for breakfast.  Love these waffles!  They are made with yeast, and I let the batter sit overnight, and well, they are divine!!!

- The weather has been awesome!  Three days before we got home from holidays, there was a major snowstorm here, and I thought we'd still be shovelling out, but Mother Nature (thankyouverymuch) decided to change her mind on that and melt it all herself.

- My daughter is sporting a huge black eye from the playground.  Monkey bar - 1, sweet little girl - 0.

- I'm still so excited about my new business, and have some exciting news coming up about that, so stay tuned!!

- I am stalling on actively trying to potty train my son, am I lazy or is he just not ready?  I think I'm lazy.  He's 3.  In my defense, I am offering smarties and pee treats to him, he is just really stubborn (too bad he's so much like his Dad! ha)

- I wasn't taken away in the Rapture everyone has been talking about, which kind of worries me.  I heard (correct me if I'm wrong) that all of the good Christians will be taken to heaven on May 21st, and the rest will be taken to hell 5 months later.  I'm thinking this means I didn't make the cut.  A little worriesome.

- My kids are awesome.  That is all.

Have a great day, hoping your weather is as great as ours!

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S.I.F. said...

Just keep watcihng the first one... SO good, and the second one is SO not worth your time.

And yeah, about us both still being here... definitely a little worrisome!